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2016 Point

Season Guidelines

2016 Point Season Guidelines

Mission Statement

The mission of creating a points system for USA Karate Arizona ASO is to identify, recognize and support Arizona residents’ top competitors. By doing this is our belief we will help make GREAT ARIZONA CHAMPIONS.


Who is Qualified to Receive Points

Competitors must be an Arizona Resident. Any competitors from out of state will be removed from the points tracking when identified. Competitors must compete in at least two of the tournaments offered to be eligible to receive points at the end of the season.

Bracketing & Points

Competitors' points will be in the same division for the entire point season. The 1st tournament a competitor places in will determine the division a competitor’s points will begin in (the division is based on competitor’s age and years of training). Points will also be divided by male and female competitors.

Different tournaments tend to bring forward a different variety of competitors in skill and age. Therefore Bracketing and Points Divisions do not always align. This could result in certain divisions not having any competitors to be recognized. In addition, points may be awarded in the same division for multiple competitors.

Points will be awarded in 3 categories: Kata, Kumite, & Kobudo. It is possible for points for each category to fall into different divisions, depending on when a competitor 1st places in that categories division.

Tracking Points

Points & Guidelines will be tracked and published on the website after each tournament. All published results will have an updated date on the top.

How to File a Points Tracking Dispute or Address Errors/Omissions

Points Winners and Special Recognition

Annual points winners will be recognized at the Annual Awards Banquet (date & location TBD)

Awards will be given to the top 3 in total points for each event Kata, Kumite, Kobudo Short, & Kobudo Long.

In the event of a tie in points, each competitor will receive an award for that place

Example: 2 competitors tie for 3rd place – there would be 4 awards given:

Special Awards may be awarded to Stand Out Competitors as identified by results and/or with support from President selected members from the Corporate officers and Advisory Boards list. This is the 3rd Season for Annual Points. Input towards Annual Points will be taken into consideration for future seasons.

If you have questions about the Points Guidelines or Tracking please let us know. Questions and Answers may be published as updates to the Guidelines and/or included in monthly newsletters. Please send questions to the Annual Point System Director via email:

Groupings & Points Values

Categories for points will be aligned with City Tournaments. However a promoter or director of events may combine or split up groups based on group sizes. The points received will be placed in the division the competitor is in.

Points can only be received in the group the competitor belongs in (age/skill/gender). If a competitor competes in multiple divisions for the same type of competition (kata/kumite/kobudo) they will only receive points for the group they belong and competed in.

Main Categories

Division based on years of training

Kata & Kumite Age Categories

Kobudo Short & Long Age Categories

Flag Sparring – for ages 9 & under points can be received. 10 & older must compete in Kumite to be eligible for points.

Points Values for Kata/Kumite

All categories during a tournament will have two 3rd place points recipients as long as there are a minimum of 4 in the group. If a kobudo division is awarded a 4th place vs a 3rd place then the 4th place shall receive the same points as the 3rd place recipient.

AZ City / Dojo Tournaments

AZ State Championships

National Competitions

Points will not be awarded for out of state tournaments. However a tradition was started with the 2014 Inaugural Point Season to recognize and honor those competitors that went to the Jr Internationals, US Open, and USNKF Nationals and placed. These competitors proudly represented our state and USA Karate Arizona ASO. So each year competitors that placed will be invited to the awards banquet and are asked to bring their medals from these events. A group picture of all these outstanding athletes will be taken.

USA Karate Arizona ASO is a nonprofit 501c3 corporation that is the approved sports organization in the state of Arizona for USA KARATE. USA Karate is the national governing body for the United States Olympic Committee and the World Karate Federation (WKF).

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